A.Vogel Immune Support 30 Tablets

A.Vogel Immune Support 30 Tablets

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An excellent supplement from A. Vogel to support the immune system.


*Zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D which all contribute to the normal function of the immune system


*Reindeer lichen (a vegan source of vitamin D3)


*Also contains Acerola cherries - an exceptionally high source of vitamin C, providing up to 100 times the vitamin C found in lemons or oranges


*Nasturtium - contains glucosinolates which have an affinity for the lungs


*Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue during spells of sickness




Product Information per daily intake (1 capsule)
Zinc - 7.5mg
Vitamin C from Acerola juice powder - 50mg
Vitamin D - 5ug