Active Edge Cherry Active Sleep Formula 30 Capsules.

Active Edge Cherry Active Sleep Formula 30 Capsules.

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The Cherry Active Sleep Formula Capsules contain a mix of Montmorency cherry, lavender, chamomile, and magnesium oxide which are also proven ingredients to aid in sleep and relaxation.
Montmorency Cherry
One of the few known food sources of melatonin which is a natural compound produced in the brain’s penial gland which controls the body’s natural sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Studies have shown that many insomniacs have low levels of circulating melatonin which may be a cause, or contributor, to their sleep problems.

Lavender has been proven to deliver a significant improvement in quality of sleep and relaxation.

Also, contained is chamomile which also offers a significant improvement in sleep quality.

The supplementation of magnesium appears to improve subjective measures of insomnia such as ISI (Insomnia Severity Index) score, sleep efficiency, sleep time, and sleep onset latency, early morning awakening.

Directions for Use
Take two capsules, half an hour before bed, with a sip of water.