NHP High Strength Omega 3 Support 60 Capsules

NHP High Strength Omega 3 Support 60 Capsules

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The modern diet usually means that we are not getting enough Essential Fatty Acids, especially Omega 3. The human body cannot make Omega 3, so it should be obtained by diet or via supplement form.


*Essential fats, oil the body by lubricating the joints and skin, as well as being a vital component of every human cell


* The body needs them to balance hormones, insulate nerve cells, keep the skin and arteries supple and to keep the body warm


*Omega-3 fats have shown that Omega 3 oils can have positive effects in the fight against heart disease and joint inflammation


*No after-taste (peppermint flavour)


*Kosher approved and Halal Certified


Product information per daily intake (2 capsules)
Fish Oil 2347mg
Providing Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1400mg (EPA 770mg, DHA 510mg)