Terranova Living Multivitamin Woman 50 Capsules

Terranova Living Multivitamin Woman 50 Capsules

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A high spectrum, natural. food based multi vitamin, specifically formulated for women.




*All the B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E along with several minerals which we may not get in our everyday diets


*Biotin for healthy hair


*Iron to keep anaemia at bay and increase energy levels


*Vegetarian sourced omega 3,6 and 9 complex to enhance brain function, reduce inflammation in the body and keep skin looking its best


*Chromium balances blood sugar levels, keeping cravings at bay


*Calcium and magnesium to keep bones and nerve function healthy


*No artificial fillers, and instead boasts natural fillers like nettle (natural antihistamine), cranberry (urinary support), sea buckthorn (omega 7 – keeps skin supple), turmeric (natural anti-inflammatory) and ginger (improves circulation)